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              Leading market
              A strong rise
              Prairie fire


              • 〇Has the world& 39;s leading annual output of 1 million tons of compound fertilizer production lines and advanced [全文]


              • 〇Booming with an annual sales volume of 2 6 million tons, collection and storage of grain trade are among the [全文]


              • 〇With the domestic first-class seed processing workshops。〇We have r&d base in hainan, has production base in ga [全文]


              • 〇Company in the form of farmer cooperatives industrial chain extension, actively explore the land circulation way, [全文]


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              Yuntianhua tower compound

              Six stars fertilizer


              Logo graphics part, by the molecular chain and square centers Molecular chain ring connected to center around the square to form an integral and unlimited extension of the space of a close unity, a symbol of the sky Group brings together four of excellence, and create an unlimited future. Molecular chains of carbon element "C" of pictographic, on behalf of the Group of the sky from the chemical industry, focusing on the main industry, and as a basis for expanding new industry.

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